Hall, Henry Reginald Holland (1873-1930)


An English and historian. Hall was born in London and educated at Saint   John’s   College,   Oxford, supplementing his classical studies with and history under F. L. Griffith’s guidance. He joined the as an assistant to E. A. Wallis Budge in 1896 and later became the keeper of the Department of Egyptian and Antiquities (1924-1930). He assisted Henri Edouard Naville in the excavations at Dayr al-Bahri (1903-1907) and dug for the Egypt Exploration Fund at Abydos (1910, 1925). Coptic studies were marginal to his immense output. In that field, he published Coptic and Texts of the Christian Period in the British Museum (London, 1905). He died in London.

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