GIRGIS (1876-1951)

Reformer, educator, preacher. He was born in Cairo and joined the Coptic of , which Cyril IV had established. He was educated in the College of the and became a professor of from 1898 in the same college, and then its principal from 1918 until his death. He published al-Karma (1906-1923), a weekly magazine that radiates his teachings.

At the turn of the 20th century, he founded the system to teach Coptic children the faith. Habib Girgis played a key role in the introduction of the study of the religion to Coptic students in schools and provided the Ministry of Education with a two-volume manual as a teacher’s guidebook. He strove for the reform of the and succeeded in persuading Patriarch (1874-1927) to take steps to limit the priests to graduates of the .

Girgis is the author of articles and books in related to the theology and of the Church. His most significant work, entitled Practical Means for Coptic Reformation: Aspirations and Dreams Which Could Be Realized in Ten Years (in ), appeared in Cairo in 1942 and was reprinted by the Sunday Schools Press in 1993. Many of the of Habib Girgis continued his work, in particular as Sunday School leaders, including the present , , who highly appreciates him.

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