OF NYSSA (ca. 335-ca. 394)

A Saint, theologian, and . is commemorated in the on the 17th of Babeh. He was the younger brother of Basil the Great.
He was first an orator. However, under the influence of his friend of Nazianzus, he withdrew from the world. His brother consecrated him a of Nyssa in 371. was accused of mismanaging his diocese and was deposed, but the Synod of Antioch entrusted him to visit the diocese of Pontus.

The Coptic version of his works is relatively poor compared with his corpus in other languages, mainly Greek. His homily on the Thaumaturgus survived in two versions—Bohairic and Sahidic. There exist also fragments on his homilies on the Book of the Song of the Songs and a homily on the .