Gregory Of Nazianzus (329-389)

OF NAZIANZUS (329-389)

A Saint, theologian, and bishop. was born near Nazianzus in Cappadocia. He was educated at Caesarea and Alexandria, where he became familiar with the works of Origen. After studying in Athens, he returned home, where he was baptized in 358. He was a priest against his will in 362. His friend Basil, the great Archbishop of Cappadocia, him as the bishop of a small city named Sasima. He withdrew to Seleucia in order to live as a contemplative there. In 379, he became the spiritual father of the Nicene in Constantinople.

In 381, the Second Ecumenical of Constantinople confirmed him as Bishop of Constantinople. However, because the transferal of a bishop from one diocese to another is not canonical, resigned from his responsibilities in order to avoid possible conflict and disturbance. He died near Nazianzus. In Coptic there exist various that have been attributed to Gregory of Nazianzus, such as a homily on St , a homily on charity to the poor, a homily on St. Basil of Cappadocia, a homily on the Week, and a homily on the Archangel Michael.

There also exist fragments of homilies, theological treatises, and letters. The of St. , certain prayers of exorcism, and some commentaries on the gospels have also been ascribed to him.