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Gregorius (1919-2001) - Coptic Wiki

GREGORIUS (1919-2001)

A Bishop and educator. Born Atalla Girgis, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in theology from the Clerical College in 1938, and a bachelor’s degree in from University in 1951. The University of Manchester awarded him a PhD in Coptic studies in 1954. He taught at the Clerical College and he became the head of the Section of Theology at the Higher Institute of Coptic Studies in 1963. Pope VI ordained him Bishop for Christian Education and Coptic Culture in 1967.

He represented the Coptic Church in many international conferences and in the World of Churches Assembly. Bishop Gregorius is the author of numerous books and articles related to the Coptic Orthodox dogma, the of the Coptic Church, and the Coptic culture (in Arabic). His valuable contribution to Coptic studies is “Greek Loan Words in Coptic,” de la Societe d’archeologie copte 17, (1963-1964): 63-73; 21(1971-1973):33-53.