Gospel Of The Egyptians (NHC III, 2; IV, 2)

OF THE (NHC III, 2; IV, 2)

A Sethian Gnostic tractate containing a mythological account of the heavenly world and its various emanations, a cosmogony, and an account of the saving activity of Seth on behalf of his “race” (Gnostics). The text also contains allusions to Gnostic activity. The title, “Gospel of the Egyptians,” obviously secondary, occurs at the beginning of a colophon at the end of the text, but there is also a subscript title at the very end, “The of the Great Invisible Spirit,” which reflects found in the passage.

This tractate is to be distinguished from an of the Egyptians, of which only fragments remain. Extant only in Coptic, it was originally composed in Greek, probably in third-century Egypt.