Georgy Sobhy (1884-1964)

GEORGY SOBHY (1884-1964)

An Educator and physician. He was born into a family from al-Maymoun in the district of Wasta. He obtained his medical degree in 1904 and was appointed a resident in Kasr al-Aini Hospital. In 1909, he was sent on a scholarship to London. He was appointed a teacher of anatomy in the Faculty of Medicine, where he worked with Professor Elliot Smith, professor of genetics. With him, he examined approximately 3,000 corpses from different historical periods.

He wrote a number of books and articles on the Coptic language and culture. In 1950, he published his most famous work, Common Words in the Spoken Arabic of Egypt, of or Coptic Origin. He taught at and the . He was a member of the board of the Society of Coptic Archaeology.