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A city located in the Delta in the Gharbiyyah province about 14 miles (22.5 km) northeast of Damanhur.

A version of the for 3 Bashans lists the commemoration of Eudaimon from Fuwwah. But it is uncertain whether this Fuwwah is identical with the Fuwwah in the northwestern Delta. It is similarly uncertain whether the Paua mentioned in a fourth-century papyrus (Sorbonne, Paris, papyrus inv. no. 113) and the Phoua given as the home of the monks addressed in a letter of the patriarch CYRIL (Epistula 81) are to be identified with the modern city Fuwwah.

The earliest certain attestation of in Fuwwah is also the earliest evidence that the city was the seat of a bishop. The HISTORY OF THE PATRIARCHS reports that Bishop Christodoulos from Fuwwah was one of those who supported the cause of a particular party in its quest for the patriarchate after the of Patriarch GABRIEL II (1131-1145).

The most important of the bishops of Fuwwah was Joseph, who appears to have become bishop around 1239. As a contemporary of Patriarch CYRIL III (1235-1243) he became embroiled in various church controversies. Together with John, the bishop of al- Fayyum, he spent time in jail with Cyril during the patriarch’s second imprisonment.

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