Many commemorate the flight into by celebrating the mass on the 24th of the Coptic month Bachons, corresponding to the first day of June. This great event is glorified in the liturgical book the Difnar and the Synaxarion of the . The scripture (Matt. 2:13) provides no information about the duration of the Holy Family’s stay in Egypt and the sites that were blessed by them. This was left to tradition that developed throughout the centuries. In the early third century, of states in his that Christ remained in Egypt three years and a questionable number of months in his flight to Egypt.

Around 400, an anonymous author of the History of the Monks in Egypt speaks of the Upper Egyptian city of “, to which the along with Mary and Joseph came fulfilling the of ” (19:1). People sought an “” of the Holy Family’s sojourn in Egypt. Many medieval sources, mainly in , mention fascinating details of the journey with its miraculous incidents.

The most important centers with association with the Holy Family are the Church of Sts. and in , the Church of the Mary at near Cairo, the at Gebel al-Tayr, , and the Church of at near Assiut. They attract hundreds of thousands of annually.

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