Farajallah Al-Akhmimi


The author of a law register (NOMOCANON). G. Graf says that was from the city of AKHMIM in Upper Egypt and lived between the middle of the thirteenth and the middle of the fourteenth century. The evidence for this dating is the fact that his law register is mostly borrowed from the Book of Spiritual Medicine and the judicial works of IBN AL-‘ASSAL, the manuscripts of which date from this period. IBN KABAR does not mention him.

This law register is in two parts and seventy-six chapters. The first part, to be considered almost as plagiarism, has the two introductory chapters of the Book of Spiritual Medicine, then cites the sources of church law, and in the remainder presents the clergy and the rituals in correspondence with those sources, but in altered order. The second part, with fifty chapters, concerns moral and judicial matters, repeating, for the most part, the corresponding text of the Book of Spiritual Medicine, with the exception of the part on confession, where al-Saf and civil law are followed.

The only sources named for inheritance law are the Paradise of Orthodoxy of Abu al-Faraj ‘Abdallah ibn Tayyib and the treatise of Elias of Nisbis, both Nestorians. The expositions of divorce and marriage and several other subjects (unless they were taken from some unknown source) are probably independent.

Graf (Ecclesiastical Review 56 [1917]:129-36) cites J. Cöln as the in the composition of the work and as giving a synopsis and table of contents.