EUSEBIUS OF CAESAREA (ca. 265-ca. 340)

A Bishop, theologian, historian. He is famous for his . The Coptic Church takes pride in the tradition recorded by him, that St. Mark the preached the Gospel in Alexandria. He was a pupil of Pamphilus, who had attended the Catechetical School of Alexandria under . Eusebius had been influenced by and by the theological traditions and style of Alexandrian theology through Pamphilus. In ca. 314, he was Bishop of Caesarea, where he wrote three of his largest works—a of paganism, an examination of the fulfillment of prophecy in Christ, and his chronicle of world history until 303.

He also wrote a “Chronicle” and a “Life of Constantine.” Eusebius attended the Council of Nicaea in 325, and he did not accept the formula of the Nicene Creed but signed this only under pressure from Constantine, and never completely sympathized with it. Thus he joined the camp opposing Patriarch Athanasius of Alexandria. Of great value are his and dogmatic works, especially the Preparation for the Gospel and the Proof of the Gospel. Another important work of Eusebius is the Martyrs of Palestine.