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Ernst Kühnel (1882-1964) - Coptic Wiki

ERNST KÜHNEL (1882-1964)

A German scholar. He was director of the Islamic Department of the Berlin Museum (1931-1951); professor at the University of Berlin (1935-1954); consultant to the in Washington, D.C.; and member of many academies. He worked in all of Islamic art, notably on the connection between Coptic and Islamic art, especially textiles.

His major works are Coptic and Islamic Textiles of Egypt, with W. F. Volbach (London, 1926); “ copte dans les tissus musulmans” (Bulletin de la Société d’archéologie copte 4, 1938, pp. 79-89); “Koptische Kunst im islamischen Ägypten” (in Koptische Kunst, Nil: Catalogue of the Exhibition in the Villa Hügel, Essen, May-August 1963, Essen, 1963, pp. 153- 56); and “Nachwirkungen der koptischen Kunst im islamischen Ägypten” (in Nil. Internationale Arbeitstagung zur Ausstellung “Koptische Kunst” Essen, Villa Hügel, 23.-25.7.1963, Recklinghausen, 1964, pp. 257-59).

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