A French and Coptologist. He was born in and studied under Gaston at the Ecole des and under Eugène Revillout and Pierret at the Louvre. He was appointed to the Egyptian department of the in 1894 and joined the Institut français d’Archéologie orientale in in 1895. He was director of the institute from 1898 to 1911, during which time the institute’s activities were expanding.

Its press was inaugurated in 1898, the Bulletin in 1900, and the Bibliothèque d’étude in 1908. Under his direction large-scale excavations were also undertaken, including that of the of Bawit. His contributions to Coptic studies included “Fragments de manuscrits coptes en dialecte fayoumique” (Bulletin de l’Institut français d’Archéologie orientale 2, 1902, pp. 171-206); Fouilles à Baouit, Vol. 1 (Cairo, 1911); Le Quatrième Livre des entretiens et épîtres de Shenouti (Cairo, 1911); Un Papyrus médical copte (Cairo, 1921); and Le Manuscrit magique copte (Cairo, 1955). He died in Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

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