, (1530-1589)

A member of embassies to the Coptic and Maronite churches. He was born in Rome to a family and educated by his famous maternal grandfather, the learned , at and at , Germany. His family settled in Venice and he traveled with his father in the , where during a three-year stay in Egypt he learned to speak Arabic. A long, unsuccessful attempt by him and his family to convince his brother, Vittorio, who had become a Roman Catholic, to return to the faith, resulted instead in Eliano himself being baptized a Roman Catholic in 1551. Shortly after, he entered the Jesuit order; he became a priest in 1560.

The (1525-1568) had sent a message of accommodation to Pope (1555-1559) whose successor, (1559-1565), sent an embassy to the patriarch in 1561. Eliano was sent as companion and interpreter for the papal legate, . There were no practical results from the embassy, so Eliano returned to Rome in 1563, where he took up a professorship in Arabic and at the .

He founded one of the first Arabic printing establishments there. In 1578, Pope XIII (1572-1585) sent Eliano to the , and he attended the of 15-17 August 1580 at () and translated the proceedings for the approval of the participants. The Coptic XIV (1570-1585) had sent a letter of allegiance in 1574, and Eliano for a second time went to Egypt (1582-1584). Again nothing toward a union of the churches was achieved.

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