One of the in the coastal strip separating Lake Mareotis from the sea, west of Alexandria. The site has not been located. Like the or the OKTOKAIDEKATON, it was so called from the number of milestones (in this case twenty) separating it from Alexandria (Raabe, 1895, pp. 64-65). According to R. Raabe, its monks took part in 457 in the election of the “Coptic” AELURUS.

John Moschus places at the the LAURA of al-QALAMUN. He visited there the holy man Abba in company with Sophronius (Pratum Spirituale). This monastery is most certainly mentioned by JOHN OF NIKIOU (Zotenberg, 1877, p. 476). Aelurus is said to have been a monk there.

If we follow the of Moschus to the letter, we deduce that 2 miles (3.2 km) west of al- was the place called Maphora. According to the undated STELA (Lefebvre, 1907, p. 14) the George, from the cenobium of Maphora, was buried at Dikhaylah, the probable site of the PEMPTON.

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