One of the monasteries in the coastal strip separating Lake from the sea, west of Alexandria. The site has not been located. Like the or the , it was so called from the number of milestones (in this case twenty) separating it from Alexandria (Raabe, 1895, pp. 64-65). According to , its monks took part in 457 in the election of the “Coptic” archbishop .

John places at the Eikoston the LAURA of . He visited there the holy man in company with (). This monastery is most certainly mentioned by (, 1877, p. 476). Timothy Aelurus is said to have been a monk there.

If we follow the of Moschus to the letter, we deduce that 2 miles (3.2 km) west of al-Qalamun was the place called . According to the undated (, 1907, p. 14) the George, from the , was buried at , the probable site of the .


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