(, c. 392-402)

The date of birth of this person is not known. It is known only that he became a monk in and then became a priest. This took place around 391, when the celebrated monk of , , died a little after the arrival of in . At the urging of the , Dioscorus agreed to become bishop of , in whose see Nitria lay.

Theophilus, at first an admirer of the writings of ORIGEN and hence very favorable to the intellectuals of Nitria, who thrived on these books (it was from the that he chose several of the of Damanhur), changed sides in 399. He proved himself a relentless opponent of tendencies. Dioscorus, before acceding to the between 390 and 394, was one of the (see and ) at Nitria who were by Theophilus.

Dioscorus, although by then no longer at Nitria, was a target in the by Theophilus and indeed appears to have been evicted by him from the administration of his diocese (, 1966, p. 58). It is said that driven from his see, Dioscorus rejoined the Tall Brothers in , where they were welcomed in their exile by . For this, Theophilus was never to forgive him.

It does not appear that Dioscorus recovered his see at Damanhur, and he probably died in Constantinople.


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