The name of two villages located near one another in the middle of the in the province of . There exists today a village called Dumerah (or Dimerah) about 4 miles (6.5 km) west of al-Baramun and 5 miles (8 km) north of Talkha. North of this site is a village called Kafr Dimayrah al-Iadid (earlier Dimayrah al-Bahriyyah) and to the southwest is a village known as Kafr Dimayrah al-Qadim (earlier Dimayrah al-Qibliyyah). The two villages known as Dimayratayn were located somewhere in this same area.

The for 14 relates that Saint Epimachus went from al-Farama to al-Bakrug, where the tortured and killed him. After his death, 1,750 inhabitants of the two villages named Dimayratayn consoled his parents and became . The states that the patriarch II (851-858) fled to Dimayrah, which was completely Christian at the time, to avoid the attempts of the Muslim authorities in Alexandria to rob him of his wealth.

In the Synaxarion for 19 Ba‘unah is the story of the martyr al- Muzahim whose mother was born in Dimayrah. Though his father was a Muslim, Jirjis adopted the due to the strong influence of his mother. On account of his conversion, he was beheaded near the Church of Saint Michael in Dimayrah al- Qibliyyah.

Dimayrah was the seat of a at least as early as the .


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