This dayr has disappeared. (1953-1968, Vol. 1, p. 260) situated it in the district of . The State of the Provinces in A.H. 777/A.D. 1375 still mentions it. It is not known on which bank of the Nile it was, though Ramzi says that it was situated on the left bank.


  • ‘Abd al-Latif. Relation de l’Egypte de ‘Abd al Latif, trans. and ed. A. 1810. I. S. de Sacy. In Relation de l’Egypte. Paris, L’Etat des provinces is translated in an appendix.
  • Ramzi, M. Al-Qamus al-Jughrafi lil-Bilad al-Misriyyah, Vol. 1. Cairo, 1953.

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