Of this ancient monastery, which has now disappeared, there remains no more than the name and the dedicated to Saint Theodorus. The latter was named by ABU SALIH THE ARMENIAN (1895, p. 212), who situated it at Kufur.

Al-MAQRIZI did not speak of it, but the was noted by C. SICARD (1982, Vol. 2, p. 271), who placed it outside the town and near the cemetery. A modern description was supplied by O. Meinardus (1965, p. 257; 1977, pp. 361-62).

M. Ramzi (1953-1968, Vol. 2, pt. 3, p. 217) thinks that this is the DAYR AL-KHADIM, but the latter, according to al-Maqrizi, was dedicated to the angel GABRIEL. ‘ABD AL-MASIH al-Masu‘di (1924, pp. 163, 191) cited al-Sanquriyyah as the first among the monasteries existing in the province of Bani Suef, and Dayr al- Khadim among those that have disappeared.

[See also: Abu al-Makarim.]


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