Dayr Al-Nasara (Asyut)


A monastery southeast of Asyut. It should not be confused with the monastery of the same name to the northwest of Armant. It is a walled ecclesiastical complex on the edge of the desert. The unpretentious small church is restored and contains a number of extensions on both sides. In its oldest part, it is related to the Akhmimic churches of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and may also go back to the same period. It contains a central apse and, separate from it, two side altars.

The walled ICONOSTASIS is modern. However, the khurus (room between naos and sanctuary) is original. It is connected to the lay area by a central main door and a smaller side door on the south side, and so still follows the early medieval plan. The actual lay area has the depth of a single bay.