Dayr Al-Malak Mikha’il (Al-Rayramun)


This monastery is no doubt the same as the one mentioned by al- MAQRIZI (1853, Vol. 2, p. 506) as being at al-Rayramun, although he says it is dedicated to Saint Gabriel. In 1714 the Jesuit C. SICARD (1982, Vol. 2, p. 100) visited it. Nothing remained but a church, the monastery having been transformed into a village.

F. L. Norden (1795-1798, Vol. 2, p. 46) also mentioned it. In the Description de l’Egypte (Jomard, 1820-1826, Vol. 4, p. 321), also called it Dayr al-‘Aysh, and he referred to the near al- as Dayr Reiramun. The church of al-Rayramun was called Dayr al-Malak Mikha’il by S. CLARKE (1912, p. 208, no. 30).


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