Dayr Al-Kubaniyyah



About 6 miles (10 km) from the town of Aswan on the left bank of the Nile are the ruins of a of the sixth or seventh century, excavated by the Vienna Academy of Sciences. It was named after the neighboring of al-Kubaniyyah (the Mountain of Isis). It is also called Dayr al-Shaykah, but the primitive name of this monastery is not known. The seven Coptic inscriptions were published by the archaeologists H. Junker and H. Demel (1922). One may consult with profit the reviews of De L. O’Leary (1923; 1924). The site was briefly described by O. Meinardus (1965, p. 327; 1977, p. 443).


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Since being uncovered in the winter of 1910-1911 by H. Junker, the site has again been completely covered by . Particularly important is the church, which is an octagon-domed building of a type otherwise known only in Greece. A brick dome with a span of 23 feet (7 m) is carried by a substructure consisting of eight supports linked by a continuous circle of . An ambulatory surrounds this central structure on three sides, in the manner of side aisles.

On the east side are the khurus (room between the naos and the sanctuary); the three-part sanctuary, with a rectangular chamber and two rectangular side chambers in the middle; and two further longitudinal rooms at the sides. On the west a projecting structure accommodates several side rooms and a staircase upward. The remaining subsidiary , which were probably shelter for the monks, are unimportant. An outer wall was not identified, although there certainly must have been one. In the same way, there is no indication of the location of the ancillary buildings.


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