(1893, p. 8) and (1853, Vol. 2, p. 505) mentioned a Dayr al-Khadim that was near Bahr Yusuf (al-Manha) in the province of Bahnasa and was dedicated to the angel GABRIEL.

The State of the Provinces in 1375 indicates the same (‘Abd al- Latif, 1810, p. 689). Ramzi (1953-1968, Vol. 2, pt. 3, p. 217) thought that this was the same as the DAYR AL-SANQURIYYAH, but the latter is consecrated to Saint .

SALIB AL-MASU‘DI (1924, pp. 163, 179) distinguished the two monasteries very clearly, the first having disappeared but the second still being in existence, at least its church.

THE (1895, p. 245) placed Dayr al- Khadim at Antinoë ().


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