Dayr Al-Khadim


This place-name was mentioned by Ibn Duqmaq (1893, p. 8), who indicated its location and revenues. It is also cited in the State of the Provinces (‘Abd al-Latif, 1810, p. 689) in A.H. 777/A.D. 1375. It seems to have disappeared.

These two documents situate it in the province of al-Bahnasa on the of the Nile, near AQFAHS. it is the same as the one placed by al-MAQRIZI (1853, Vol. 2, p. 505) at the boundary of the district of Manharah. It was a place of evil reputation, he wrote, because the monks refused to give any to passing travelers; indeed, the name Dayr al-Ju‘ means Monastery of Hunger.

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