Dayr Al-Jawli


The village of al-Jawli is to the south of Manfalut. To the south of the village, then called al-Jawiliyyah, al- MAQRIZI (1853, Vol. 2, p. 506) situated a monastery dedicated to Saint Mercurius. also knew it but reduced it to a church (1677, p. 361; 1678, p. 217). S. Clarke noted under the name al-Jawli a church dedicated to Saint Mercurius, whose nickname was Abu al-Sayfayn (1912, p. 209, no. 8). O. Meinardus described the present state of this Dayr Abu al-Sayfayn (1965, p. 276; 1977, p. 385). The church, which is all that survives, has been reconstructed on the plan of the old one. The monastery was also mentioned by the hegumenos ‘ABD AL- SALIB AL-MASU‘DI (1924, p. 167).


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