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Dayr Al-Banat - Coptic Wiki


A women’s in the Fayyum. This is a small complex of ruins in a valley on the southern edge of the Fayyum not far from DAYR AL-NAQLUN. The ruins, which can still be seen, lie within an cemetery and point to the presence of an earlier monastic settlement in this place. Up to now it has not been possible to determine to which of the monasteries of the Fayyum this site belonged. S. Timm (1984, pp. 762-65) connected all known names of the Dayr al-Naqlun to originally independent complexes. N. Abbott (1937, p. 46) knows of another monastery situated nearby with the name of Dayr al-Shallah.

The dominant building of Dayr al-Banat is the church, which has been almost completely reduced to a few remnants. It was built with fired bricks and had a western narthex, as well as a nearly square and presumably three-aisled naos, to which was added a series of rooms on the north and also on the south side. The sanctuary had no great depth, but extended over the whole width of the building so that it assumed almost the character of a transept. No genuine can be made out. Presumably it was represented by a somewhat larger wall that did not reach down to the floor, and is now lost.

The other buildings are made of mud bricks and therefore are in slightly better condition. The building to the west of the church appears to have been the living quarters. It was rebuilt on a number of occasions and contained a central corridor and several rooms arranged irregularly on both sides. East of the church lies what was probably once a two-aisled hall, which may be identified as the refectory of the monastery. The nature of the buildings that are distinguishable, especially the refectory where the meals could be taken together by the community, indicates that the inhabitants of the monastery lived in the cenobitic manner. There are no remainders of a surrounding wall in evidence.


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