A town in middle Egypt located some 8 miles (13 km) north of Bani Suef. Dalas was home to a at least as early as the Decian persecutions of 250 when Chaeremon, bishop of Neilopolis/Dalas, fled for safety from his and was never heard from again (Eusebius Ecclesiastical History 6.42.3).

also had an early beginning in Dalas. The “mountain of Tilodj [Dalas]” was the home of Saint for a time and monks from TABENNESE came to the monastery of Tilodj/Dalas to learn about Antony after the death of PACHOMIUS (Lefort, 1952, pp. 174, 177).

Though we have no certain attestation of a in Dalas in the Arabic period, the fact that the town is mentioned in medieval Copto-Arabic scales and lists of Egyptian bishops is an indication that it was still a in the Middle Ages (see Munier, 1943, p. 64).


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