A town located on the left bank of the about 15 miles (23 km) south of Giza. The importance of the town in ancient Egypt is evidenced by the pyramids of the Fourth Dynasty (2575-2465 B.C.), Twelfth Dynasty (1991-1783), and Thirteenth Dynasty (1783-1640) that still exist at the site.

Although there are no references in Coptic or -Arabic literature to a Christian community in Dahshur in the pre-Arabic period, The Churches and Monasteries of Egypt speaks of a in the town that was renovated in the time of Patriarch ISAAC (686-689) and of al-Qays. This suggests that Dahshur knew Christianity in the era. Parts of the were taken to build a mosque in ITFIH in 1139 (The Churches, fol. 54a). Elsewhere the author says there was a Church of Moses with an accompanying monastery in the district of Dahshur. Neither the church nor the monastery existed as such in his day; the church had been converted into a mosque and the had flooded the monastery (The Churches, fol. 53a).

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