A of four Arabic manuscripts in between 1712 and 1715. One of them (Vatican Library, Arabic 66) gives some autobiographical details (fol. 100) where the copyist wrote in Italian: “I Clement Caraccioli of Great Cairo, converted from Mohammedanism to the holy Catholic faith, wrote this blessed book in the Arabic language in Rome, in the year XII of the pontificate of our Lord Pope Clement XI Albani, may God preserve him for many years, on the 12th September of the year 1712” (Mai, 1831, p. 129). On the same page, a note written in Arabic further states that he had lived thirty-three years in error, exercising the function of a Muslim imam.

Clement was a Muslim from Cairo, probably originally from Upper Egypt, as is indicated by his nisbah (place of origin) al-Sa‘idi. He was converted at the age of thirty-three or thirty-four by the European missionaries then active in Cairo and was sent to Rome, probably around 1710, where he no doubt increased his knowledge of Christianity and Arabic manuscripts for the Bibliotheca Apostolica.

According to Giorgio della Vida, who does not give his source, his real name was ‘Abd al-Karim al-Sa‘idi al-‘Adawi. In the manuscripts he copied, Clement always signed his name as a neophyte, transcribing it as Kliminti Karajilli in 1713 (in Beirut 672) and Klimans Karatjilli in 1715 (in Beirut 676). His given name was probably taken on account of Clement XI (1700-1721); his surname may derive from the marquess Luigi Antonio Caraccioli, who would thus appear to have been his protector.

The following are manuscripts by Clement:

  1. Vatican Arabic 66 (dated 9 September 1712), containing the eighty-seven of JOHN CHRYSOSTOM, after the Coptic recension (cf. Graf, Vol. 1, p. 338).
  2. Vatican Arabic 128 (dated 18 February 1713), containing the debate of the monk Georg (JIRJI AL-SIM‘ANI; cf. Graf, Vol. 2, p. 79, 5).
  3. Library, Beirut, 672 (dated 1713).
  4. Library, Beirut, 676 (dated 25 April 1715).

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