A chronicle of world history composed by an unknown thirteenth-century author who put events he thought important into a table of secular and ecclesiastical rulers. Its chronological bases are the for the pre-Christian era, the emperors for the period from the time of to Muhammad, and thereafter the Arab regimes in Syria and Egypt, along with a history of the caliphs to his own time (1260).

It includes a section that gives an outline history of the Alexandrian patriarchs from Saint MARK (43-68) to ATHANASIUS III (1250- 1261). The dates are in good order but untrustworthy as to actual calendar years.

The ABU SHAKIR ibn al-Rahib has been taken to be the author since the Chronicon’s first translation into Latin was done by a Maronite, Abraham Ecchelensis ( orientale, nunc primum latinitate donatum . . . , Paris, 1651; Paris, 1685). This translation was revised by J. ASSEMANI and published with four added dissertations in Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Byzantinae (Vol. 17, Venice, 1729).


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