Act Of Peter

ACT OF PETER The fourth and last Coptic tractate in the Berlin Codex (BG 8502, 4). The Act of Peter is written on the final eleven pages (128.1-141.7), with one papyrus leaf missing from the middle of the text (133-34). The most important person in the story, of course, is the chief apostle, Peter. Unlike …

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Acta Sanctorum

ACTA SANCTORUM Monumental hagiographical work whose beginnings go back to the Counter-Reformation, which took its stamp from the Council of Trent (1545-1563). Reformed criticism of the cult of saints was answered on the Roman Catholic side by efforts at moderation and orderliness in the veneration of the saints, and by a critical sifting of the …

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Acta Alexandrinorum

ACTA ALEXANDRINORUM The propaganda literature of Greek Alexandrian groups, preserved on papyri. Since the form of a judicial record was often used, they are of significance for comparison with the Christian Acts of the Martyrs. BIBLIOGRAPHY Musurillo, H. The Acts of the Pagan Martyrs. Oxford, 1954. Acta Alexandrinorum. Leipzig, 1961. MARTIN KRAUSE Tags: Books

Patrologia Orientalis

PATROLOGIA ORIENTALIS Beginning in 1886, Rene Graffin (1858-1941), professor at the Institut catholique in Paris, conceived the idea of adjoining to the Patrologia Latina and the Patrologia Graeca of J. P. Migne a collection comprising the texts of the Eastern church fathers, which were to be printed in their original languages with a translation on …

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