Bawit in the Twenty-first Century: Bibliography 1997-2014

Bawit in the Twenty-first Century: Bibliography 1997-2014 Since the rediscovery of the Bawit monastery in 1900, numerous investigations have covered diverse fields of research. Marie-Helene Rutschowscaya established a bibliography of the main titles, following the chronological order of publication: Rutschowscaya, M.-H. 1995. “Le monastere de Baouit. Etat des publica­tions.” In C. Fluck, L. Langener, S. …

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COPTOLOGIA An international journal of Coptic thought and Orthodox spirituality inaugurated in January 1981. The journal seeks to encourage the use of Coptic Orthodox piety to stem the increasing influence of secularism in the Western world, with a concentration on Alexandrine theology and desert monasticism. FAYEK ISHAK Tags: Books

Sentences Of Menandros

SENTENCES OF MENANDROS A group of proverbial sayings written down at an unknown date (perhaps first century A.D.), probably to be attributed to the great comic poet Menandros. It seems to have enjoyed a fair popularity, comparable to that of similar collections (gnomologies) that were widespread in late antiquity; like these it seems to have …

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DICTIONARIES From the time when the Copts, like other nations or linguistic entities, felt the need to have at their disposal in writing the equivalents, exact or approximate, of the words of their language, attempts were made to compose modest lists of bilingual vocabulary; these may justly be considered the ancestors of modern Coptic dictionaries. …

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Chaldaean Oracles

CHALDAEAN ORACLES A revelatory poem, written in Greek hexameter verse, composed or edited by a certain magician named Julianus, who lived during the reign of Marcus Aurelius. Its importance is twofold: it is the last major sacred book of pagan antiquity, and it had major influence on the development of Neoplatonism from Porphyry to Psellus. …

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Cosmas Indicopleustes

COSMAS INDICOPLEUSTES The name given to an anonymous Nestorian author of the twelve-book Christian Topography, written a few years before the Second Council of CONSTANTINOPLE (553). Cosmas was an Egyptian merchant, probably from Alexandria, who plied his trade in Alexandria, the Red Sea port of Adulis (Sawakin), and Ceylon (Sri Lanka), calling at the island …

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Coptic Testament Of Isaac

COPTIC TESTAMENT OF ISAAC A pseudepigraphical book possibly dating from the fourth or fifth century. Two Coptic versions of the second- or third-century Testament of Isaac have survived: the Sahidic, edited by K. H. Kuhn (1957), and the Bohairic, edited by I. Guidi (1900). The former has been translated into English by its editor (Kuhn, …

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Concept Of Our Great Power

CONCEPT OF OUR GREAT POWER An apocalyptic tractate dating from the mid-fourth century or shortly thereafter and influenced by Jewish speculations, biblical or apocryphal, slightly tinged with gnosticism. The aim of the text is to describe the history of the world in its fundamental stages: creation, the flood, the origin of evil, the coming of …

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Chronicon Orientale

CHRONICON ORIENTALE A chronicle of world history composed by an unknown thirteenth-century author who put events he thought important into a table of secular and ecclesiastical rulers. Its chronological bases are the Old Testament for the pre-Christian era, the Roman emperors for the period from the time of Christ to Muhammad, and thereafter the Arab …

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