Catechetical School Of Alexandria


The origin of the Catechetical School of Alexandria is obscure. The first historical attestation of the is around the year 180 a.d. under the direction of Pantaenus, according to Eusebius of Caesarea in his Church . The reputation of this school grew with Pantanenus’ successors and . The scholars of this school adopted an allegorical of the Bible. Many Coptic patriarchs studied and directed this school.

Among the key figures of the school was Didymus the Blind, who was the director of this institution in the fourth century. Among the famous personalities of those who studied in the was Gregory of Nazianzus. It is important to mention that the was Greek in its literature; thus, no Coptic text has been found from any of the key figures of the school except for some writings by Gregory of Nazianzus, not as a scholar of the school but as a Church Father. Some Coptic authors claim that St. Mark was the first founder of this school, but there is no historical evidence to support this.