AL-SADAMANTI (second half of 13th c.)

A Monk, exegete, theologian. al-Sadamanti, sometimes also known as al-Armani because of his Armenian origins, was a monk of the Monastery of St. George in Sadamant, in the Fayyum. He is the author of a large number of works in the areas of dogmatic, apologetic, and moral theology (including a on dated to 1260), as well as saints’ and a collection of prayers and meditations. Although several of these works were published in Egypt by the 19th century, there is a pressing need for modern editions.

Butrus’ best known work, al-Qawl al-sahih fi alam al-Sayyid al-Masih (Correct Speech about the Sufferings of the Christ), is an exegesis of the Gospels’ Passion narratives; it was printed in in 1872 and again in 1926, and has since been frequently reprinted. One of the introductory essays to the work deals with hermeneutical matters, and shows to be an exegete with a deep respect for the literal sense of the biblical text as well as a homiletician concerned with bringing useful word to his listeners.