The older name of the town now known as Kafr al-Battikh, in the Gharbiyyah province. The town is located in the northeast part of the Delta on the west bank of the Nile arm about five miles west of Damietta.

The earliest mention of Christianity in Burah is found in the writings of Eutychius, who reported that a Christian named Bukam obtained permission from the caliph al-Ma‘mun (813-833) to build churches in Burah, but as soon as the buildings had been constructed they were confiscated by the Muslims. Eutychius also mentioned that the Kha’il was interred in Burah, but he did not give enough information for us to determine whether this was Kha’il II (849-851) or Kha’il III (880-907).

The OF THE PATRIARCHS relates that CHRISTODOULOS (1047-1077) was from the town. When the Crusaders stormed Burah during the patriarchate of JOHN VI (1189- 1216) and occupied the town in 1218, many Copts were among those who lost their lives. This information makes it clear that there was a in Burah until at least the thirteenth century.


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