Boris Alexandrovitch Turaev (1868-1920)


A Russian . He studied first in St. Petersburg and later under Adolf Erman in . On returning to Russia, he was appointed professor of ancient history at the University of St. Petersburg. He was also made keeper of Egyptian antiquities in the Moscow Museum when it acquired the Golenischeff collection. In 1918 he was elected a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

He had assembled a large collection of antiquities, which he had intented to bequeath to the Moscow Museum, but instead, it was acquired by the in 1920. He published Der Ostergottesdienst der koptischen Kirche (St. Petersburg, 1897); Description de la section égyptienne du Musée d’antiquitiés de Kazan (St. Petersburg, 1903); Koptische Aufsätze (Petrograd, 1907); and Opisanie Egiepetskago sobraniya, Vol. 1, Statui i statuetki golenischevskago sobraniya (1917).


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