Two Gnostic texts partially preserved in Coptic in the . At the end of the first book is a title, “The Book of the Great Mystery-Message.” The current title, the Books of Jeu, was applied to the texts by Carl Schmidt, reflecting his view that they are “the two books of Jeu” mentioned in the closely related work Pistis Sophia.

A divine being called “Jeu” is prominent in the texts. 1 Jeu is a dialogue between the risen and his disciples in which he refers to various divine emanations called “Jeu” and gives them instructions on how to reach the 60 “treasuries” of the heavenly world. In 2 Jeu, initiates his disciples into the mysteries of water baptism, fire baptism, and spirit baptism. The Coptic text of both books is accompanied by cryptic diagrams called “seals.” Extant only in Coptic, 1-2 Jeu were originally composed in Greek, probably in late third-century Egypt.