A town located in the Egyptian about 7 miles (11 km) northwest of Tanta in the province of Gharbiyyah.

Although Birma is listed in a number of Coptic- scales and in a list of Egyptian bishoprics (Munier, 1943, p. 64), the town is rarely referred to in Christian-Arabic and no bishop for the place is attested in any source. The earliest mention of Birma in Coptic- literature is as a geographical reference point for the place where the amir al-Juyush defeated the Kurds in 1077.

Patriarch I (1378-1409) had the of Saint George that were venerated in Birma brought to of Qalamun in the Fayyum. In 1424, Patriarch GABRIEL V (1409-1427) returned the to Birma (Viaud, 1979, p. 30).

Birma has two Coptic churches, both of which are dedicated to Saint George. One of these churches was built in 1206 and later abandoned; the other was erected in 1611 (Viaud, p. 30).

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