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Bilad - Coptic Wiki

A town in Egypt, the location of which is now unknown. The SYNAXARION, under the commemoration of the martyr Bajush on 26 Tubah, states that Bajush, a wealthy man, was from a place to the north of Bilad. Arianus, the Byzantine governor in Antinoopolis, interrogated and tortured Bajush, who was eventually martyred near Salmun, west of Tima, in the district of the city of Tkow. E. Amélineau theorizes that the mentioned in this account may be the modern Bilad al-Mal in the province of Qina in Upper Egypt (1893, p. 100). This identification, however, is untenable since the orthography of the two place names is different and because Bilad al-Mal is not attested before the nineteenth century.

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