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Awshiyah - Coptic Wiki


An Arabic term sometimes pronounced awkiyah or okiyah (pl. awashi or awaki’) from the Greek eÙc» meaning “recited prayer.” These include a number of examples first from the evening and morning service of the of incense, recited inaudibly while the makes three circuits around the altar. These are the three small awashi for the peace of the church, for the church fathers and the patriarch, and for the congregation.

Other awashi consist of what is known as the seven small and great awashi after the Epiclesis in which additional prayers are made for the land and the waters, the seeds and the heavenly winds, the sick, the travelers, the king, the deceased faithful, and the catechumens. These prayers are to be reiterated in the services of holy baptism, of sanctification of the waters on the feast of Epiphany, of the foot washing on Maundy Thursday, and on the feast of Saints Peter and Paul.


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