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COPTOLOGIA An international journal of Coptic thought and Orthodox spirituality inaugurated in January 1981. The journal seeks to encourage the use of Coptic Orthodox piety to stem the increasing influence of secularism in the Western world, with a concentration on Alexandrine theology and desert monasticism. FAYEK ISHAK


COPTOLOGY A scientific discipline in Oriental studies that investigates the language and culture of Egypt and Nubia in the widest sense: literature, religion, history, archaeology, and art. Its range extends from late antiquity to the Middle Ages, or even down to the present. It touches on and intersects with a number of neighboring disciplines. The …

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CORNELIUS One of the prominent “ancient brothers” of the Pachomian koinonia (community). He belonged to the second group of disciples who came to PACHOMIUS around 324 (Lefort, Sahidic-Bohairic 24; Halkin, 1982, Greek, recension 1, 26), and he was appointed by him as father of the Monastery of Tmoushons shortly after it was received into the …

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CATECHUMEN In the early church, a new Jewish or heathen convert undergoing a course of basic instruction and training in Christian doctrine and ritual, prior to BAPTISM and full incorporation into the body of the faithful. Just before His ascension, Christ had entrusted to the disciples the task of propagating His teachings among all nations …

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CATHOLICOS A term of Greek origin signifying “general,” “universal,” and used as a title given to high-ranking secular officials, and later as an honorary title for certain ecclesiastical dignitaries ranking below a patriarch but above a metropolitan. On 25 June 1959, a protocol was issued in Cairo organizing the relationship between the Coptic Orthodox Church …

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CERINTHUS So little is known of Cerinthus that there is nothing to place him in Egypt other than a reference to him in the Epistula apostolorum (Letter of the Apostles, which some believe originated in Egypt) and a statement by Hippolytus that Cerinthus was educated in the wisdom of the Egyptians. The Epistula apostolorum speaks …

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Chaldaean Oracles

CHALDAEAN ORACLES A revelatory poem, written in Greek hexameter verse, composed or edited by a certain magician named Julianus, who lived during the reign of Marcus Aurelius. Its importance is twofold: it is the last major sacred book of pagan antiquity, and it had major influence on the development of Neoplatonism from Porphyry to Psellus. …

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Christian Religious Instruction In Egyptian Public Schools

CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION IN EGYPTIAN PUBLIC SCHOOLS Christian religious instruction in public schools was begun during the reign of the khedive Ismail (1863-1879) as part of the larger fight against illiteracy. Since the passage of a 1968 national law it has been a compulsory subject for Coptic students in all public schools, elementary and secondary. …

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