The patriarch of Antioch from 595 to 630. Around 615, he personally visited to reestablish the union of the two sees after the misunderstandings that had arisen during the period of the tritheist controversy (see DAMIAN). Maybe on account of this merit, the Copts translated his of SEVERUS OF ANTIOCH rather than the more famous ones by Zechariah the Scholastic and John of Beth Aphthonia.

Fragments exist in Sahidic from two codices of the White Monastery (DAYR SHINUDAH); a fragment from the Bohairic version (Athanasius, 1908); probably the Arabic version (cf. Graf, 1944, pp. 315 and 420), and the Ethiopic version. The text is more markedly hagiographical in character and more in tune with the taste of the period than the above-mentioned biographies.


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