A and educator. He was born in the city of al-Mahalla al- in the . He obtained a bachelor’s degree in English literature from University in 1944, and in 1952 received a diploma of psychology from the American University in Cairo. He also obtained a diploma in from the in 1944. Between 1944 and 1958 he taught in a few secondary schools in Cairo and . In 1954, he taught the in the College. In 1958, he joined the Monastery of the at . appointed him papal representative in Beni Suef in 1962.

On September 1962, he was ordained Bishop of Beni Suef and al-. He was a member of the board of the Middle East of Churches and represented the in the of Churches Assembly. Bishop Athanasius was a pioneer in developing the social services of his . In 1965, he established a female religious group of active called the Daughters of , who committed themselves to the service of the community. He is the author of many books and articles related to the New Testament (in ). He printed a number of of the Coptic Church.

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