n. English 1. Shorthand for Holy Ark ( Kodesh), the at the front of an Ashkenazic that houses the scrolls. It is usually set into or against a wall that faces east toward . The ark is sometimes large and ornate, sometimes small and plain. A depiction of the tablets of the , or portions of their words in , is often part of the . During synagogue services, being asked to open the ark or assist in any way with the Torah is considered a high honor. 2. Shorthand for ’s ark, the boat Noah built at ’s command (in ) before the Great Flood. See .

  1. noun

Eisenberg, J., Scolnic, E., & Publication Society. (2001). The JPS dictionary of Jewish words. Over 1000 entries for Jewish and life-cycle events, culture, , the and other sacred texts, and worship. Each entry has a guide and is cross-referenced to related terms.; “A JPS desk reference”–cover. (9). , : Jewish Publication Society.

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