ARCHANGEL (Arabic, Suryal)

Ranking fourth among the archangels, Suriel’s name is from Hebrew, meaning “my rock is God,” and occurs once in the Old Testament (Nm. 3:35). His feast is celebrated by the Coptic church on 27 Tubah.

In the Coptic psalmody, there is a special doxology in honor of Suriel: “Let us venerate the fourth archangel. Great is the joy brought by Suriel, which surpasses the joys of the vanishing world, the joys that pass away, while Suriel’s joy lasts forever. Intercede for us, O holy Archangel Suriel the trumpeter, so that the Lord may forgive us our sins.”

his feast day on 27 Tubah, the SYNAXARION adds that “ is he that brought the good news of salvation to Adam, the one that saved Joseph from the snares of the Egyptian woman, the one that appeared to the prophet and aquainted him with the sacred mysteries. He is also the comforter of hearts, the intercessor on behalf of sinners.”

Again, under 9 Amshir, the Synaxarion gives the story of a certain Paul, a Coptic martyr who was comforted and encouraged by the archangel at Ashmunayn, in Upper Egypt, while being tortured by the governor, and was eventually sent to where he was executed, winning the crown of martyrdom.

On both dates, 27 and 9 Amshir, the DIFNAR (antiphonarium of the Coptic church) celebrates the memory of Archangel the Trumpeter.