The chain of the four has been preserved in full in a series of Arabic manuscripts. F. J. Caubet-Iturbe has edited the part that concerns the Gospel of Matthew from nine Arabic manuscripts ( Library, Arabic 452 [1214], 410 [thirteenth to fourteenth century], 411 [fourteenth century]; Göttingen, Arabic 103 [thirteenth to fourteenth century]; Library, Hunt. 262 [sixteenth century]; Strasbourg, Arabic 4315 [sixteenth century]; Paris, Arabic 55 [1619]; Cairo, 195 [1735]; Library, Karshuni Syriac 541 [1555]; cf. Graf, 1944, p. 482).

Caubet-Iturbe’s edition comprises two volumes (1969-1970). references found in the margins of certain manuscripts have been assembled in Volume 2 (pp. 52-55).

From this abundant Arabic tradition, the closest to the Coptic model is Arabic 452. In the Arabic texts certain citations have been omitted. The identification of the citations has not yet been made for the three chains of Mark, Matthew, and John.

  • Caubet-Iturbe, F. J. La cadena del evangelio de San Mateo, 2 vols. City, 1969-1970.