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Apparition Of The Virgin Mary - Coptic Wiki


The Desert Fathers only discreetly revealed any apparition of saints or angels. In the Apophthegmata patrum, it is mentioned that it is better to see our own sins than to see the angels. However, in the History of the Patriarchs of the Coptic Church, there are many references to apparitions of saints and the Virgin Mary. These apparitions took place usually in difficult times, such as times of persecutions or defeat. The French Dominican priest M. Vansleb listened to this phenomenon while visiting the Monastery of St. and did not believe it.

In the context of the defeat of the army in 1967, the Virgin Mary appeared at the Mary in the suburb of Zaytun in Cairo, on the evening of 2 April 1968. Many people, both and non-Christians, saw her and many took place. In the year 1986, the Virgin Mary appeared in the suburb of Shubra in a small named after St. Damiana. This year is marked by the Islamist attacks against Coptic targets as well as tourists. Following the tensions between and Muslims in Upper Egypt, in the year 2000, the Virgin Mary appeared in the of St. Mark in Assiut.

Mahmud Salah, a Muslim author, wrote a book about the apparition of the Virgin Mary in Egypt in which he documented carefully all the apparitions of the Virgin Mary, both in Egypt and elsewhere (Haqiqat Dhuhur al-‘Azra’ [The Truth about the Virgin Apparition] Cairo, 2001). He investigated the apparitions and concluded that they are real.