The Coptic in the Cairo suburb of Zaytun was named after the Holy Mother. On the evening of 2 April 1968, it became the scene of the first apparition of the Virgin Mary above its domes. It was witnessed by municipal garage employees across the road, and they immediately reported the event to the priest. These apparitions, in which the Virgin was often seen accompanied by doves, recurred numerous times until the beginning of September.

Those of 4 May to 5 May and 7 July were particularly noteworthy. People of all creeds and denominations came to witness the miraculous scene, often waiting through the night for the occurrence. Many songs were composed to celebrate the event. A liturgical feast of the Transfiguration of the Virgin Mary at Zaytun was sanctioned in 1969 by the late Patriarch (1959-1971). It is celebrated on 24 , which, according to the , marks the anniversary of the first appearance.


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