The followers of Anthropomorphism believed that God has a human () form or shape (morphe). This affair arose in the late fourth century and the beginning of the in Egypt, during the patriarchate of Theophilus of Alexandria. The three tall monks of Nitria followed the allegorical of Origen. Theophilus first supported them. In his paschal letter of the year 399 a.d., he was inclined to adopt the incorporeity of God but later he changed his mind.

In front of some monks who assembled in protest, he cried, “Looking at you, I see God’s face.” Theophilus then condemned Origenism and persecuted the followers of Origen. It should be mentioned that most of our knowledge of the reign of came essentially from his opponents and especially Palladius (a close friend of John Chrysostom). However, show him as a holy man and great champion of the monks.