Anaphora Of St. Gregory


This anaphora belongs to the same Syrian type as the Anaphora of St. . It is unique in that its prayers are directed to the Son and not to the Father through the Son, which indicates a sixth-century date. It seems that the Syrian monks who came to the desert of Scetis introduced this anaphora to the Coptic Church.

Some Coptic Sahidic fragments, originally from Ashmunein, contain a few lines of the of St. Gregory. The Sahidic Euchologion of the White Monastery contains two fragments of the Anaphora of St. Gregory. This manuscript may date from the 10th century. Some fragments of the Anaphora of Gregory, originally from the Monastery of Saint Macarius, may date from the 12th or 13th century. They are now kept in the University and State Library of Hamburg.

The first edition was published in Rome in 1636 and by Raphael al-Tukhi, but in all his editions, Tukhi did not respect the text of the original manuscripts. The first and the best edition of the Anaphora of Gregory was published by Claudius Labib. After consulting many manuscripts, Hegumen Abd al-Masih Salib al-Mas’udi a Euchologion in 1908 with alternate readings in the apparatus. This edition was reprinted several times by Hegumen Attalah al-Muharaqqi after 1956, by the Monastery of al-Moharraq in 1997, and by the Bani Sueif Commission for in 1986.
Another edition was published by the Society of the Sons of the Church in 1945, mainly based on Abd al-Masih’s edition with some additional hymns and the Horologion. The Mahabah Bookshop published several editions of the Euchologion with the liturgies of and Gregory in both Coptic and languages.